Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Local Weather

I am new to Dayton, but here are my first impressions of the local media outlet's on-line weather resources.
  1. WHIO - (CBS) Grade B- There is a lot of information but it's not exactly easy to get to and takes a while to load. At least there is some info on the station's home page.
  2. WRCX - (ION) Grade D- Just a link to AccuWeather. Zero effort there.
  3. WDTN (NBC) Grade C - Tabbed information that just shoots you down a long page of graphics? Pretty lame.
  4. FOX45 - (FOX) Grade A- : Not bad at all, lots of information, easy to get at.
After I spend some more time watching the various on-air personalities I'll do another review at that time.

Any thoughts on these outlets or other local ones I may have missed?

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